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Amanada Gisby is a JBC Nutrition sponsored athlete!

Amanda served in the 14th Signal Regiment Electronic Warfare for 6 years as a specialist signals operator and detachment commander in 237 squadron. Amanda has served in many areas around the world from Afghanistan to America. Amanda has won many awards in her EW Tri-service role whilst offering linguistic support, intelligence and signal interpretation for ground forces in action.

Amanda has also operated as a team medic, narcotic detection expert, and EOD service support professional in numerous active theatres.

Upon leaving the Military Amanda Gisby has become a Team GB Powerlifter BDPFA and was a former lifter for the GBPF and UK Strongwoman both WADA tested and approved associations.

I train 4-5 days per week primarily on strength and technique from 90-120mins per session depending on competition run up timings.

My training ethos: Have a goal, have discipline, eat well, train smart and never ever give up on your dream.

You are truly amazing and there are no limits what you can do, stay strong, stay focussed, stay fit and most importantly enjoy your journey