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The team at Forces Fitness took the lads through their paces in the build up to our game against Huddersfield. The strong man circuit work we did provided variety and intensity to our program in the lead up to the game and enabled the players to get out of their comfort zone. We have used Forces Fitness's equipment throughout the season on various occasions and have always felt the work we do is of high quality and closely related to our sport.

Aberavon RFC and Forces Fitness worked together with Warburton's to deliver an healthy living and physical activity program to junior schools in Port Talbot. Forces Fitness were excellent with the children and were professional at all times. Delivering physical activity workshops to 21 different schools with different abilities and cultures can be quite a difficult and daunting task. However, Forces Fitness embraced this and excelled. Aberavon RFC look forward to working with Forces Fitness in the future and would recommend their company to any business looking for partnership within the fitness industry, and would also advise anyone looking to increase personal fitness goals to use Forces Fitness.

We started using Forces Fitness at the start of the winter to improve all round fitness for our rowing team. During the winter we don't get out on the water very often but it was useful to have our outdoor sessions with Forces Fitness not just because of the fitness element but from a team bonding point of view. Not many of our guys like being trapped in a gym by themselves so an open air, group session was ideal and it really added an extra element to our winter training.

The sessions were varied and never boring and you got much more work done in a shorter space of time than you would just going to the gym by yourself. We've had all ages attend and everyone has enjoyed.

I joined Forces Fitness in March 2012 hoping to lose some weight and with some vague ideas about generally 'getting a bit fitter'. Since that time I have managed to lose weight, I have got a lot fitter and I have even found myself competing in a very muddy 5 mile obstacle running race! I can recommend Forces Fitness as a fun and supportive way to get fit. All of the instructors are funny, reliable and knowledgeable. Forces Fitness fosters a sense of comraderie between each of the participants and although it may look a bit daunting its not - and you start feeling the benefits of this approach very quickly. You train at your own pace and you get out what you put into it. I'm addicted!

I've never been particularly fit and started coming to Forces Fitness after I decided to join the army at 29 years old! I was doing my own training programme with running and various gym work but needed something a bit different and a bit more motivational.

I turned up for my first session by myself and immediately felt welcome and made friends straight away. I realised that there was a good mix of people, from the unfit, to the very fit and it really didn't matter how good I was, it was the effort that I put in that made all the difference Since then I attended once or twice a week where I could and loved the fact that all the excercise is outdoors in all kinds of weather! There are lots of team competitions which are fun and for all levels and then there are good individual workouts depending on how much you want to put in to it. The instructors are brilliant and very experienced, always willing to offer advice and guidance for those who want to take their training further. Although the exercises are designed for civilians, I found that many of them were repeated during my army training and I felt much more prepared having attended Forces Fitness. I still go along whenever I'm on leave and love to join in and I always try to encourage my friends and family to come along too!

Just wanted to drop you a quick line to thank you both for a fantastic weekend bootcamp. I have come away feeling extremely motivated with 1/2 an inch smaller waist and nearly 6000 calories burned (that's a lot of cals and more than I expected but you obviously had me working at my maximum cal burn zone to achieve that). I think it is fair to say that pure adrenalin and your encouragement got me through completing some of the tasks and giving it my all. I achieved all my objectives during the weekend and it is all thanks to you both. You are brilliant motivators with the right balance of serious/humour/knowledge & keeping things interesting. I have found this to be the key to the success of the weekly sessions and the weekend bootcamp.

I had the pleasure of working with Forces Fitness in my previous employment. They provided fun and creative activity days for secondary school pupils as part of the Active Young People programme ongoing at Llangatwg Community School. They built a great rapor with the pupils during sessions by motivating and supporting them and this reflected positively on participation numbers. As a result of the great partnership formed between the school and Forces Fitness, it was agreed the company could utilise the school facility to deliver bootcamps and community sessions during the evenings and weekends. Forces Fitness has been welcomed by the Neath Valley Community as an innovate and engaging alternative to your run of the mill activity class. The team are professional, trustworthy, reliable and can communicate effectively with a variety of audiences e.g. youth and adults.

Forces Fitness Bootcamp Weekend is not something you do without a bit of preparation - it’s a tough, full on 2 days.
However, it is designed for all levels of fitness so don’t worry if you’re not a dedicated gym goer. Try and have a few runs before you book up though!
The 2 days are literally jam packed with exercises and challenges to push you. You won’t stop all day - well they don’t call it bootcamp for nothing! Oh and there aren’t big gaps between classes so don’t think you’ll be getting a 30 minute recovery break and a beer…
Seriously though, it’s all done safely and it’s great fun. Sean (our military trainer) is a real character which to be honest really made the 2 days hilarious. He will have his eye on you at all times so no chance of slacking off (thats 100 burpees…..).
The accommodation is basic - bring a mirror ladies. The food is absolutely lovely so you won’t go hungry. Plenty of water, juice, nuts fruit as well during the day.  
Overall, I would say this was one of the best weekends I’ve ever had. It’s fantastic value for money and it’s a real blast. I came back feeling fitter, stronger and really motivated to continue all the good work i’d put in. 
If this bootcamp was a bit close I’d book up every month. You have to give it a try.

The team at forces fitness especially Sean have done a fantastic job of getting the lads ready for our season in championship one.

As a professional side we identified our strength and conditioning as something we needed to improve this season. Forces fitness have been with us for a few month now and delivered countless tough and specific training sessions.

I've worked closely with Sean throughout to provide the side with exactly what they needed. The results have been excellent and we've have continued to use them right throughout the season after only planning an 8 week programme to start.

We have already penciled them in for our 2016 season we've been that impressed. I would recommend forces fitness to everyone.

I hired Forces Fitness last year to put me through my paces with a Boot Camp in Brecon in preparation for a charity climb up Kilimanjaro. These guys are friendly, highly organised and really know their stuff. Their activities combine fitness and the outdoors, which makes for a varied and intensive workout. I would not hesitate to recommend them and will be using them again in future.

I started training with Forces Fitness nearly 6 months ago for two reasons. 1st reason was to get fitter. 2nd reason, more importantly, i was suffereing with patella tracking, which is irregular movement of the kneecap. The pain i was experiencing was unbareable. I noticed a difference within 2 weeks, and now 6 months on i have no pain at all. I have now also developed the nessesary muscles around my knee to fully support it.

I found Forces Fitness not only benificial for my overall fitness, but it has helped change my lifestyle!

I would recommend everyone to give it a go!

A workout with Forces Fitness is not something to do lightly or without preparation.

The determination and enthusiasm from Paul encouraged the kids from SNAC (Special Needs Activity Club) to enjoy being fit and active.

Forces Fitness showed that fitness can be achieved through a variety of physical activities. It is a very active and engaging workout that develops coordination, strength, flexibility and endurance. It is also a booster for self-confidence. Kids loved the challenge is a great way to get into shape.

Comment from Richard Brandy:- "I enjoyed the fitness, I was very tired but I still wanted to carry on. I loved pulling the tyre. It was great fun"