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Self Defence Courses and Workshops

This workshop was designed for UK Special Forces for one purpose, to defend against someone who is a real threat to life. It has been tried, tested and evolved over many years to be fit for that specific purpose in the most hostile environments.

No matter if you are a Special Forces Operative or a regular member of the public a risk to life is a risk to life, when you are confronted by someone who is intending to harm you. Therefore, the physiological and psychological changes will be the same (because every human being basically operates in the same way) and so the same outcome is required - a gross motor skill response. The higher the heart rate the more we need to rely on techniques designed around gross motor skills.

The real benefit of this workshop is that it is not based on any specific martial arts techniques and so it definitely does not require years and years of training and no previous experience is needed.

You will learn short, sharp and very effective (and proven) ways of defending and breaking away from a non-permissive threat.

Some of what you will learn during this workshop is outlined below:

  • The Close Quarter Threat Prioritisation Procedure
  • Hostile Close Quarter Disengagement Techniques
  • Close Quarter Striking Techniques
  • Pressure Point Breakaway Training
  • And much more based on the instructors experience!

Cost - £95 (Group discount available)

Dates in 2016 are:-

  • April 17th
  • June 26th
  • July 31st
  • August 28th
  • October 1st

Limited spaces available!

Please contact us for more info