familly session
Well-being sessions focus on the below principles -
  • Educate in Health, Fitness, nutrition and well-being
  • Building communication skills
  • Building Team Work skills
  • Improving fitness levels
  • Spending quality time together to overcome problems 
  • Making children more resilient to Adverse Childhood experiences (ACEs)
  • Above all have Fun!


With the ever growing rate of obesity in Wales and the huge strain this is putting on the NHS and also the fact that families are not spending as much time doing fitness activities together that are fun and exciting we have developed a fantastic family well-being session. The aim is that sessions will have a positive impact on families , make children more resilient to to A.C.E's (Adverse Childhood Experiences) and also  have a positive impact on overall well-being and health. We have worked with many Councils, Community Councils, Private Companies and also Housing Associations on these inspiring sessions.  

The Well-being sessions will educate the whole family in health and fitness tips. They will work together in teams to overcome various team building fitness challenges throughout the session. The idea is  its not just a fitness session. They learn healthy tips, develop communication and team building skills and also have fun as a family. Children aged 6 and above can take part up to adults any age all working together. This is a fantastic oportunity to improve your communities, health, fitness, nutrition and well-being, making your community stronger as a whole in accordance with the Well-being of Future Generations (Wales)  act.