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Forces Fitness is a multiple award winning company that provides a number services including:

  • Outdoor Bootcamp sessions,
  • Employability Bootcamps,
  • Health and Well-Being workshops,
  • Education Programs,
  • Full Board Residential Boot camps. 

We also work closely with many businesses, organisations, sports clubs, schools, colleges and universities. All our sessions are instructed by either ex or serving members of the armed forces. We have appeared on Multiple TV programs on BBC1, BBC1 Wales and Cardiff TV. TV appearances include ‘Alfies Army’ with Gareth 'Alfie' Thomas and ‘Let’s Get a Good Thing Going’ with Kevin Duala.

We have conducted our sessions within 130 places of education and over 15,000 students have taken part! We run several services and workshops that can be conducted at your school or at our venue. Some of these include the following:  

  • Strength and conditioning days
  • Diet & nutrition workshops
  • Health, well-being and building resilience workshops/programmes
  • Team building exercises
  • Maintaining good mental health workshops
  • Effective networking workshops
  • Mini assault course challenges
  • Tug of war competitions
  • Gladiator competitions
  • Fitness challenges

Our most popular Services are:


Health, Well-Being and Building Resilience sessions.

The increasing rate of obesity is putting more and more strain on our NHS. The sedentary lifestyles brought on by long ours in front of computer and TV screens is having adverse effects on our lives. With this in mind, we have developed this project with help from teachers and leading specialists in the field of health and well being and is built to fit in perfectly with the new curriculum.

The aim of the programme is to have a positive impact on individuals and make children more resilient to ACE's (Adverse Childhood Experiences). It will also have a positive impact on the overall well-being and healthcare of the students. This programme covers the key ‘What Matters’ statements and the twelve pedagogical principles of the new Welsh curriculum. It has been key in helping several schools we work with, to plan and develop the new curriculum.

The sessions can be delivered in primary schools through to colleges and universities and can fit easily into the school or college timetable. The focus will be on educating the individual with easy to follow health and nutrition tips. We can deliver anything from a one off session or work with your school for a whole term or even academic year.

“We wanted our pupils to develop mental and behavioural agility, where they can show flexibility in different situations. Asking for help is just as important as showing grit and determination. We wanted to develop the whole child so that they can cope in different contexts beyond the classroom. This is an important aspect of the new curriculum that we wanted to grow and develop. Forces Fitness has supported us greatly in this area. Our pupils are not just being given exciting and memorable experiences that will increase their wellbeing. We firmly believe that our pupils are making links and building on their successes beyond these sessions, therefore increasing their motivation to develop in all areas of their life.”

Sarah Cason (Palmerston Primary)

“The pupils really enjoyed the sessions and gained a lot out of it. The structure was ideal for schools. The mix of theory and team challenges kept the pupils engaged throughout. You instantly put the pupils at ease and gave the pupils the right amount of encouragement to gain the confidence to take part and enjoy the activities. It was nice to see the pupils that normally wouldn’t have the confidence to work with people outside their friendship groups get stuck in and communicate with people they normally wouldn’t speak to.”

Ryan Thornton (Pencoed Comprehensive School) 




“I always used to give up but now I know I can do it and I believe in myself. I've loved the Forces Fitness activities!”

Pupil Oakfield Primary School

Check out this short media video to find out what the children, teachers and councillors think about our sessions and workshops! 

Individuals are encouraged to work together and not only work towards becoming healthy, confident individuals but learn to think creatively, reframe problems and communicate effectively to support each other; through focussed tasks and challenges.

When considering opportunities for pupils to build on skills learnt in class, each Forces Fitness session can focus on different aspects of the 12 Pedagogical Principles.

These include:

Realising the importance of sustained effort in meeting expectations that are high but achievable.

Pupils are encouraged to show grit and determination during physical tasks and team work. (Principle 2)

Developing Assessment for Learning opportunities through self and peer reflection.

Pupils are encouraged to look at how to refine and develop performance. Opportunities are given to discuss what went well and how to improve both during and at the end of the sessions. (Principle 7)

Activities that support problem solving, creative and critical thinking.

Tasks involve pupils thinking for themselves to reframe problems and come up with solutions together, through team building exercises. (Principle 4)

Supporting social and emotional development and positive relationships

These life skills are developed as pupils learn the value of supporting each other through difficult situations. (Principle 11)

Encouraging collaboration

All pupils will work together and quickly see the benefits of supporting each other during group tasks. (Principle 12)

Taking responsibility for own learning

Pupils work together to plan their own sessions in the later stages of the programme. (Principle 10)

Developing cross curricular links including literacy and numeracy.

Both oracy and numeracy skills are developed in all sessions. (Principle 9)

Creating authentic contexts

Pupils are encouraged to work with real life problems and team building exercises. (Principle 6)

Maintaining a consistent focus on the overall purpose of the curriculumis a thread in all sessions. (Principle 1)

The main core of our sessions are delivered outside on a school field or in a sports hall and will be designed and delivered to meet the needs and requirements of your school, college or university. (Below is an example of how a 1 hour session would work).

Schools Team Fitness Challenge Format (1 hour)

  1. Introduction, nutrition talk and short video (10mins) - Classroom based access to a projector and computer/laptop will be required if possible.
  2. Warm up (4 mins) - Best held on a sports field but in bad weather can be conducted in sports hall or gym.
  3. Main session (30 mins) – The group is divided into teams and will then complete a series of team challenges.

  1. Challenge 1 (10 mins)
  2. Challenge 2 (10 mins)
  3. Challenge 3 (10 mins )

At the end of each challenge, the teams will have to answer two multiple choice questions based on the initial nutrition and health and well-being talk they received at the start of the session. Each teams score will be determined by how quick they complete each station, with bonus points for correct answers.

Winning station = 10 points

Losing station = 5 points

Correct answer = 5 points

Incorrect question = 0 points

    4.Final 3 questions and debrief about healthy eating and exercise (10min) 

Our schools programme has been covered by the media with some fantastic support from councillors.  

Barry and District News -CLICK HERE    

South Wales Argus - CLICK HERE   


Inspirational and motivational workshops in England 

These can easily slot into the school timetable, with the focus on developing the attendee’s entrepreneurial skills. These are delivered by our director Sean Molino.  It will include an introduction into Sean’s life, including his military background and working life, what inspired him to set up the company and the highs and lows along his journey.

Inclusive of this there will be mini workshops with focusses on:

  • How to be successful
  • How to sell yourself
  • How to stay positive
  • How to become self-employed
  • Goal setting!

These workshops can be tailored for children in secondary education through to university.

Our rates for all the above are as follows - 

1 hr = £100*

2 hr = £180*

3 hr = £230*

4hr = £270*

Full Day = £320*

*If the venue is 30 miles or more outside of Bridgend, South Wales, additional charges may apply!


FORCES FITNESS can provide anything from a one hour team building or fitness session to a full day/ week or term programme.

  • We offer you a fun service that will guarantee to work the students minds as well as their bodies.
  • We can tailor any programme to suit your budget



Below a list of some of the schools that we have worked with in the past.


usw logo   University of South Wales
Neath Port Talbot College
Coleg Y Cymoedd
Glanymor primary School
 coleg Gwent College Gwent
Bryn Primary School
  Cefn Saeson
Tir Morfa
 bridgend college  Bridgend College
Groes Primary School
  Swansea University
coleg cymunedol y dderwen logo   Coleg Cymunedol Y Dderewen
St Thereses
bridgend college   Bridgend College
St Josephs
Coed Hirwaun
   Treorchy Comprehensive School
   Glyncorrwg Primary School
   St Cyres School
   Y Pant Comprehensive School
Fitzalan High School
Y Bont Faen Primary School
Brynteg comprehensive School
Llangatwg Community School
Palmerston School Barry
Cantonian High School
  Gower College Swansea  
Oakfield Primary School
Cadoxton Primary School
Glyn-Gaer Primary School 
Ysgol Dyffryn Amman